5 Habits That Guarantees IAS Success

5 Habits That Guarantees IAS Success

Are you an IAS aspirant and wondering how to succeed in cracking the exam? If yes, then finding the best civil service coaching in Delhi/NCR is your first step to success, because UPSC is one of the toughest examinations in India, and preparing for it on your own can be challenging. But still, an IAS aspirant needs to develop some habits that help them crack the competitive civil service examinations apart from taking coaching from a reputed institution.

In the year 2019, around 8 lakh candidates applied for the examination, out of which only 11845 qualified for the mains.

Five essential habits that help you succeed in cracking civil service examinations:

Most IAS aspirants wonder if there is any formula that ensures success in the civil service exams. There isn’t any secret ingredient at all, but there are some excellent habits that successful IAS aspirants have cultivated in themselves, which are:

  1. Managing time wisely:

Effective time management is the key to success in the civil service examinations. Learn how to manage and utilise your time productively. IAS preparation can last for months, and it becomes hard for you to track how much ground you are covering and what is yet to be covered. So, start with a plan for subject coverage and plan a daily routine and make it a point to follow it. Going to a civil service coaching centre will help you stay ahead of the game. 

  • Employing selective reading:

Learn to prioritise and be selective about the study materials and the topics you spend your time on. Select a finite amount of study material for each subject. Other materials are bound to be repetitions of the content you already studied. But ensure to be thorough with all of it with multiple revisions.

  • Making notes:

Ensure that you take copious notes during your study sessions. Highlight important concepts and points in the text and reproduce them in your words. Often it helps you to understand the concepts easily and revise them quickly if you write the notes in your vernacular language.

  • Practice, practice and practice:

One of the best ways to prepare for IAS exams is to take as many mock tests as possible. It helps you shape your thinking process, analyse the facts quickly and arrive at inferences and conclusions. It will help you to perform well on the exam day. It allows you to work on your time management issues as well. Civil service coaching centres offer mock tests of higher standards, including the questions from previous year papers.

  • Reading regularly:

Reading habit plays a vital role to achieve success in the civil service examinations. Books, newspapers, magazines, or journals – devour them all daily. Keep yourself informed on current affairs from around the world in every field. This reading should be done in addition to your regular study program of textbooks and other study materials. Work on developing these five habits diligently, and you will reach your IAS goals in no time. If you find it hard to prepare by yourself, you can always join us at ,The Civils Guru. We provide the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Our experienced faculty will guide you through every step of your preparation process.

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