Best Chartered Accountant Classes In Delhi

If there’s one thing that each and every business sector has in common, it would be the need for chartered accountants. Any company, big or small runs or tanks because of money and its management. For efficient money management, everyone needs a chartered accountant. A chartered accountant plays an active role in audit and assurance, tax filing, capital budgeting, budget forecasting, preparation of books of accounts, GST implementation or financing. They are known for their technical competence and professionalism.

Chartered accountancy as a career is very promising. It is one of the most secure jobs in as well as outside India. But in order to become a Chartered Accountant, you will have to buckle up after your 12th board exams because the process could be a little lengthy. Here’s everything you need to become a CA in India:

best Chartered Accountant Classes in Delhi

Foundation course

Firstly, one needs to register for the foundation exam after their 12th standard board exams. A few years ago, they would’ve had to give the Common Proficiency Test(CPT) but now it has been replaced by the Foundation Course exam. This is where we come in. Our institute’s experienced professors are one call away. The teachers at the best chartered accountant classes in Delhi have put together the perfect study material and routine for students. With a little dedication, you can clear the first stage with flying colours.

Intermediate course on Information Technology and Soft Skills

After clearing the Foundation course, you have to dive into the preparation for the Intermediate Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS). The students get approximately 8 months to prepare for this stage which is why time is of the essence. We provide our students with intense coaching along with weekly tests to get just as fueled up for this stage as the last one. We also conduct weekly doubt solving sessions and timely evaluation of each student in order to track their progress and give them a push when required.

CA Intermediate

The third stage, that is the CA Intermediate stage, comes after clearing the Intermediate Course. A few years ago, this stage was known as IPCC which stood for Integrated Professional Competence Course. We provide our students with the relevant information as well as significant information that they would need in the real world. 

Advanced Integrated Course on Information

These students have to sit for a four week Advanced  Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITSS) in order to qualify for the next stage. Our beliefs are based on supporting our students during every step in the process. 


This stage is about getting the student ready to step into the real world. Here, every student has to do articleship or work under a chartered accountant for 3 years. It is a 3-year training that is supposed to build a future chartered accountant under the guidance of present chartered accountants. The student gets to work and hustle his/her way through this stage and gets one step closer to becoming a CA.

CA Final

Last but not the least, the student has to clear his/her CA final exam. One can either give this exam 6 months before finishing one’s articleship or after the completion of the same. This exam would be the last hurdle that you would have to cross to become a chartered accountant.

The path to becoming a chartered accountant is quite straightforward but it could just as easily turn into a bumpy joyride without the right guidance. This is why you need to consult with the best chartered accountant classes in Delhi, The Civil’s Guru. Our main motto is to help the future of our nation achieve their goals with flair and dignity. 

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