Best Political Science and International relations Optionals ( PSIR ) Classes in Delhi

One of the most sought after optional subjects for the UPSC civil services examination is a paper on Political Science and International Relations, commonly addressed as PSIR. This is one optional subject that coincides with a major percentage of your gs papers, especially paper 2. It gives you an edge in the entire paper-two answers and at the same time helps you with the essay and interview parts of the examination significantly. This is one of the most popular subjects opted for by the civil services aspirants and has secured such an important place on the list of good optionals due to various reasons. 

best Political Science And International Relations Optionals ( PSIR ) Classes In Delhi

Advantages of choosing PSIR as your optional 

Given below are the advantages of having PSIR  optional; the reason why aspirants are in constant search of the best political science and international relations optional (PSIR) coaching centres in Delhi.

  • Indian polity, one of the most important parts of UPSC prelims would definitely benefit from this optional.
  • Preparation for prelims, mains GS papers and optionals will all be integrated.
  • Even if aspirants don’t have a background in political science, the subject won’t be very difficult as the subject is non-technical in nature.
  • With the advent of the new syllabus, the factual part of the syllabus has been omitted. Thus, just having conceptual clarity about the subject would fetch you good marks.
  • Various topics within the subject are interrelated, making it easier to understand and write about the ones which you have read about slightly less. 
  • Even when it comes to the interview part, having a good grasp of political science, governance, international relations, etc. can be quite beneficial.

Strategy for preparing for PSIR optional

All it takes is a dedicated student, hard work, and right guidance and the perfect strategy as per the student’s schedule, to be amongst the top rank holders amongst the civil service aspirants. The basic framework that you need to keep in mind while preparing a strategy for your PSIR  optional is provided by us and listed below:

  • Start with the syllabus: The first and the most important step to make a good start is to start with making yourself well aware of what the syllabus is and what and what not is to be studied. This would save you from wasting your time trying to gain knowledge that is irrelevant from your exam point of view.
  • Have a look at the previous year question papers: Next comes the part where you go through the previous year’s question papers to give yourself a brief idea about what type of questions are included in the UPSC over a period, and which sections they are paying more attention to. To add to it, go through the answer scripts of the students at the top to get an overview regarding the way you have to handle each type of question. 
  • Work up each topic in-depth: Now, once you have had a basic idea of the syllabus and what is required from you, it’s time to delve into the suggested books and clear your concept regarding every section of the subject. We at The Civils Guru help you in this area by providing the best political science and international relations optional (PSIR) in Delhi. With our help and guidance, and hard work, you will excel.
  • Re-read and answer writing: Once the syllabus is complete, all that is left is constant revisions at regular intervals and answer writing practice. Make sure that you revise everything as many times as you can because the civil services examination is more about retaining the knowledge and knowing when and where to apply it, rather than gaining knowledge. 

The Civils Guru, through its live interactive classes and best faculties with great experience, provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, ensuring that the foundation is strong enough. We also help you cover the part of current affairs in an efficient way and mind maps are provided to help you retain more of the topic. Being known as the institute for best political science and international relations optional (PSIR) in Delhi, we ensure that you are ranked amongst the top aspirants of the country and are prepared to be one yourself. 

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