Best Sociology Optionals Classes In Delhi

In the recent past, it can be observed that there is an established trend to take sociology as an optional subject for civil service examinations. For the past 5 to 6 years, the search for the best sociology optional in Delhi has risen amongst many aspirants. Sociology, as an optional is helpful due to its nature of being a scoring subject and at the same time, with sociology as your optional, you get an advantage while writing essays. On average, around 85 to 240 candidates get selected every year. Being a generalized subject helps enhance the quality of your answers in all four gs papers. 

best Sociology optionals classes in Delhi

Advantages of taking sociology as an optional 

There are various advantages of choosing sociology as an optional, provided that you get guidance from institutes that are reliable and the best for sociology optional in Delhi.

  • The subject has a short syllabus as compared to other popular subjects like PSIR, geography or history.
  • Sociology is easy to understand and is a scoring subject.
  • Is a social science and can hence be easily attempted by both science and humanities students.
  • Sociology also gives an edge in the essay paper as at least one of the topics for the essay is based on social issues. 
  • To add to it, you also get an edge in the interview round if asked about any social issues. 
  • The subject overlaps with general studies paper 1.
  • The study material for the subject is easily and abundantly available. 

How to prepare for sociology optional

  1. Get acquainted with the syllabus: The first step towards the preparation is obviously to make yourself familiar with the syllabus. Read the syllabus in detail and go through every topic which is to be covered. Try to understand what is demanded by the examinee. 
  2. Start with NCERTs: The first book on sociology happens to be the NCERT of class 11th. Thus, it would be extremely beneficial if you started by reading the NCERT books for 11th and 12th. This would be extremely beneficial in understanding the basics of the syllabus. Go through these books once or twice to make yourself well acquainted with the terms mentioned. 
  3. Go through the previous year question papers: Once done with basic knowledge, glance through the previous year’s question papers to get an idea of what type of questions are being asked over the years. Thereafter, go through the answer papers of the toppers to get a gist of how to attempt the different types of questions asked. 
  4. Complete the syllabus Then comes the task of going extensively through every topic of the sociology optional. Institutes like us (The Civils Guru) known for the best sociology optionals in Delhi greatly make this part of the preparation as easy as possible. 
  5. Revise and practise answer writing: Then comes revision: the more you revise, the better you retain. Answer writing is also important at this stage. Guidance from us would give you an idea as to what shall be added or cut short from your answers to make them the best and help you score better. Also, start giving full-length tests, preferably at the same hours when you would be giving exams on the D-day.

The Civils Guru, through its live interactive sessions and best faculties who have had experience over many years, provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, ensuring that the foundation is strong enough, and mind maps are provided to help you efficiently retain more of the topic. Being known as the institute for best sociology optionals in Delhi, we at The Civils Guru see to it that you are tested amongst the top aspirants of the country and are prepared to be one yourself. 

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