Best UPSC Mentoring Program UPSC In Delhi

Every Indian family must’ve gone through a phase where the parents try to get their kids interested in becoming a civil servant. The UPSC Civil Service exam is a dream for people all over India. It is a challenging goal but is also attainable at the same time, if not too easily. With proper planning and with a calculated strategy, you could turn your dream of being a civil servant into reality. Success is one percent luck and ninety nine percent perspiration and while you give it your all, here are a few tips that can help you get ahead of the game:

best UPSC mentoring program in Delhi
  • Get started by setting a routine for the year

The yearlong exam has 3 – the preliminary, the main and the interview. The syllabus for each of these stages is vast. You need to have an in-depth know-how about everything. For the UPSC Civil Services Exam, you need to be aware of daily affairs as well as thoroughly study the official study matter. If you want to get a head-start, you need to set a routine for the entire year. We’re all creatures of habit. Our system needs 21 days to adapt and get used to any pattern. Set a routine and get your mind and body adjusted to a pattern. This would help in creating a sense of normalcy and making studying for 14-15 hours each day a lot easier.

  • Strategize and attack

A well calculated strategy and the expertise of the best UPSC mentoring program in Delhi can turn your plans to be a civil servant into action. While strategizing your plan of action, you need to take into account every tiny detail. Include an hour to slack off once a day to avoid building up frustration by the end of the process. Visit the syllabus a couple of times and set a path to get time to study thoroughly and revise right before d day. Our faculty is very well experienced and can guide you every step of the way and help you attain your goals.

  • Work smarter, not harder

We, at The Civils Guru, provide our students with comprehensive study material. It includes all the fundamental concepts, NCERT books, reference books as well as a compilation of the year’s significant events. You must be thorough with the fundamental concepts in order to have a smooth flow while studying. It is always better to understand and learn than mugging up relentlessly. Understanding the concepts while studying can also help you answer twisted and complex conceptual questions. We have also analyzed previous year’s papers and cited the best sources of reading material to make it easier on the students. 

  • Weekly analysis to the rescue

We provide our students with interactive live classes and in case they miss a lecture, they can access the recordings of these live lectures any time of the year. Along with this, we realize that students can have a few bumps while studying by themselves. For this, we conduct weekly doubt clearance sessions with the faculties. This gives the students time to go over the study material by themselves and to have a better grasp of the topic. At the same time a continuous process of reading, writing and forming your own opinions is important. It is important to be challenged every once in a while which is why we conduct weekly tests for our students.

  • Take care of yourself while brushing up on current affairs

Studying for the UPSC CSE exam could take a toll on your mental as well as physical health. Make sure that you give your health first priority. Being up-to-date on current affairs is extremely important for the UPSC exam. Our little tip would be adding a little self-care to your routine and relaxing every time once in a while.

The main preparation of this exam could boil down to the minute details which is something the best mentoring program for UPSC in Delhi, The Civils Guru can help you with.

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