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IAS is an admirable career choice that lakhs of students in India aspire for. It takes a lot of hard work,
persistence and the right guidance to crack the toughest exam in the country. Most candidates find
themselves in a dilemma while choosing the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi. But, not
anymore. People across the country flock to The Civils Guru, the promising centre for UPSC coaching in
Delhi, to fine-tune their preparation. Exhibiting such finesse in prepping aspirants for the toughest
exams, we are easily placed among the top IAS coaching centres in Delhi. We constantly manage to
deliver comprehensive coaching for civil services aspirants across the country.
We understand what it takes to crack the civil services exams. With thorough knowledge of the
syllabus and expert faculty, The Civils Guru is easily the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi. With the
best infrastructure for UPSC coaching in Delhi, we mentor thousands of civil service aspirants yearly.
We keep ourselves with the latest syllabus and are equipped with the right faculty to deliver
meticulous training to the civil service aspirants looking for the finest IAS academy in Delhi. We are
keen on enabling a learning environment for our students so that they rest assured to attain their
dream with the best IAS coaching centre in Delhi.

As the prominent IAS academy in Delhi, we are equipped with innovative learning methodology with
a focus on the most effective techniques of IAS preparation. We believe in imparting quality training,
integrating the best coursework that makes us the best IAS academy in Delhi. We ensure every
aspirant in the country is offered our assistance for cracking the Civil Services Exam. We keep
ourselves updated and understand the strategic relevance of the papers of Civil Service exams
thoroughly. It is with this understanding, we capacitate ourselves to deliver the best UPSC coaching
in Delhi. We incorporate quality improvement methods in our training program to meet the
requirements of the exam.
Our training program is designed in such a manner that will allow UPSC aspirants to develop multi-
dimensional perspectives across the key areas of civil service preparation. As the best IAS academy
in Delhi, we are obliged to maintain the quality of our training programmes without compromise.
This determination to offering superior training for our students is what positions us among the top
IAS coaching centres in Delhi. Our coursework is meticulously designed by experts in the domain. We
believe it is critical to ensure individual attention to the candidates and our instructors make sure of
that. Special attention is given to students who find it hard to grasp the subjects. As the best pick for
UPSC coaching in Delhi, we offer our candidates excellent preparation tactics and the finest study
The Civils Guru, the top IAS academy in Delhi, strongly believe that success at cracking the UPSC is made
easy with the right guide. When it comes to the right guide for UPSC coaching in Delhi, we are the
perfect IAS coaching centre in Delhi that will make your civil service journey optimistic, joyous and
successful. We take you across this uncertain path with high values and persistence for victory. It is
with this commitment we have managed to mark ourselves unique among the top IAS coaching
centres in Delhi. Our students continue to grab top ranks in the civil services exams every year. We
have rich alumni who have found success in cracking the IAS with our training. The enrolment of our
senior aspirants proves our quality of services and gains us recognition as the pre-eminent IAS
coaching centre in Delhi. Their stories are a testimony to our remarkable training programmes
making us the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi.
We, at The Civils Guru – the top IAS academy in Delhi, adopts a holistic approach in our civil service
training programmes. You can avail excellent guidance that will help you grab your dream career.
Over the years of service, The Civils Guru continues to deliver cutting edge learning and impart the best
practices in ensuring superior UPSC coaching in Delhi. Our continuous engagement with the
aspirants helps us derive new insights regarding what people expect us of and we strive together to
achieve that. Come, join us in your journey towards your illustrious career. You can learn from the

best IAS academy in Delhi and make sure that you stay on track. Find yourself with the outstanding
IAS coaching centre in Delhi and transform your life for the best. We help fulfil your dream.

Why do you need the best IAS coaching in Delhi? Why is it important that you find support from the best IAS academy in Delhi?

Why do you need the best IAS coaching in Delhi?

Why is it important that you find support from the best IAS academy in Delhi? IAS coaching is a very rigorous and disciplined course of action that requires the right guidance to succeed. Unlike any other competitive exam, IAS is the hardest to crack but with the expert guide by your side, it is never unachievable.

At The Civils Guru, you can avail the best IAS coaching in Delhi who will train you intensively to conquer your life goal. Through years of practice and expertise, you can find us among the top 10 UPSC coaching in Delhi.

We stay ahead in the domain through our students whose success rate is manifold than any of our competitors. It is with sheer commitment to help aspirants achieve what they aim for, we have evolved as the top IAS coaching in Delhi. We have earned repute as the best IAS academy in Delhi through our students who qualified Civil Services Exam under our guidance. ​

We at The Civils Guru, the top IAS institute in Delhi, believes that one can find success with the civil services exams with qualities of hard work, persistence, inquisitiveness and much more. You are aspiring to crack one of the toughest exams in the world. To find success with that, it is important that every aspirant emulates the above qualities along with intensive preparation according to the curriculum. The Civils Guru, the best IAS academy in Delhi focuses on imparting a holistic approach in our
civil service training programmes.

Apart from preparing you with the study lessons, we intend to develop these personal qualities as well. This approach is what distinguishes The Civils Guru as the prime choice for the best IAS and UPSC coaching classes in Delhi. Our unique attitude towards civil service training has positioned us among the top 10 UPSC coaching in Delhi. 

The Civils Guru, among the top 10 UPSC coaching in Delhi, is a dynamic organisation keen on offering quality classes and the best IAS coaching in Delhi. We tend to update ourselves constantly with the right techniques and methodology. We equip ourselves with the best teaching techniques that help us adapt to the emerging standards of UPSC exams in the country. We are keen on
upgrading our learning approach from time to time with respect to the changing patterns and syllabus. Our civil service preparation programmes are among the top 10 UPSC coaching in Delhi.

As the choice of top IAS coaching in Delhi, The Civils Guru not only provides academic guidance but also the right motivational support needed from time to time. The tireless training and personal guidance offered to our students reflect positively in their performances.

We employ the best faculty from various disciplines who handle the lessons with steadfast commitment. The mentors take a compassionate approach towards the students. Understanding their individual circumstances, we focus on giving personal attention to the students and offer flexibility in the teaching schedule such that students learn topics at their own pace. The Civils Guru has become the most desired place for the best IAS coaching in Delhi that helps UPSC aspirants acquire

the right skills and knowledge for the exam. The classroom guidance and study groups lent strong support and guidance for the students in tackling the pressure. We adopt the best teaching methodology to integrate relevant issues in multiple perspectives so that the students develop a comprehensiveness in their understanding of the subjects. This is a key attribute of our lesson plan which makes us the right choice when it comes to the top IAS coaching in Delhi.  

At the top IAS institute in Delhi, we adopt a goal-oriented method in our programs for IAS entrance. We have an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of IAS preparation.

Developing the writing skills of the candidate, we emphasise the writing sessions through our essay classes.

We keep ourselves updated with the UPSC’ changing trends with the specially designed study materials. As the best IAS coaching in Delhi, we are equipped with a proficient team of mentors for teaching, guidance, doubt clarification and brainstorming the students.

We continue to be positioned as the top IAS coaching in Delhi through our regular rest series that help continuous evaluation of the learning curve of our students. We give students home assignments such that they develop skills for applied learning which is very critical in civil service preparation. As the top IAS coaching in Delhi, we maintain a unique approach in preparing students to face the toughest exam in India strategically.

We welcome every aspirant out there to join us to prepare, practice, participate and discuss your civil service coaching with the top IAS institute in Delhi.

best IAS Coaching in Delhi

Why UPSC Aspirants Prefer the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

best IAS Coaching in Delhi

Why UPSC Aspirants Prefer the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

Delhi is a much coveted and demanding location for the top IAS Coaching Centres in Delhi. The state houses more than a hundred reputed and eminent IAS coaching centres in the nation equipped with experienced mentors and great resources. A big troop of IAS enthusiasts from every corner of the country migrate to Delhi to make their dream of becoming an IAS officer come true. The best IAS Coaching Centres in Delhi are best known for providing students with the right push and polishing their skills to compete.

Read this article to have a fair idea about what makes an IAS coaching centre the best from the rest.

Points to look for before joining the Top IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi

      • Extensive and refined study material

      The Top IAS Coaching Centres in Delhi are aware of the competitiveness of the exam and thus, prepare comprehensive and exclusive study materials. This enables students to grasp the basics of the syllabus from an expert point of view. The study material provided to the students are updated and strictly follow the current pattern of the examination. Moreover, the study materials provided to you will be more relevant to the topic and help you prepare for the examination.

      • Develops self-reliance and time management

      When it comes to studies, we all have a plethora of excuses. Keeping track of time appears to be a difficult endeavour. The coaching programme instils discipline in students by providing them with a set of guidelines to follow, attending classes regularly, completing homework on time, taking frequent tests, and practising question papers, which aids with time management. Furthermore, students will gain insight into how to organise their studies to finish the syllabus at least two months before the test.

      • Top-notch guidance by experienced mentors

      Right guidance is probably the most vital thing that is needed for the preparation of the IAS examination. The Top IAS Coaching Centres in Delhi houses the most reliable and refined team of faculty. They are always available to assist their students with the best. Mentors provide sound advice, which is purely based on the real-life assessment that helps them identify weaknesses and strengths in students. They pour the best in you!

      • Regular Assessment

      Regular assessment is an important key for successfully cracking the IAS exam. This will help you assess the level of competitiveness and preparation of the examination you will face. The Top IAS Coaching Centres in Delhi organizes mock test series on a regular basis that are of great help during your IAS preparation. To help their students prepare better for their forthcoming IAS exam, almost all IAS coaching centres in Delhi conduct regular evaluation tests and provide corrective feedback through weekly and monthly unit tests.

      Why is The Civils Guru the eminent IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi?

      The Civils Guru is one of the top IAS coaching centres in Delhi, owing to the high quality of preparation it provides to applicants. We have evolved dramatically in recent years and currently serve students in both online and offline mode.

      We at The Civils Guru are well aware of the cut-throat race for the IAS examination. The IAS exam is probably regarded as one of the most difficult exams in the country. The desire to become an IAS officer and serve the country drives applicants to work harder and be more determined to succeed. Therefore, we are here to assist the aspirants and advise them regarding the preparation for the exam. Thus, we have your back to keep you focused on your goal. So, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to get yourself enrolled with the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi.

top IAS institute in Delhi

Ace Your Civils At Delhi’s Top IAS Institute

top IAS institute in Delhi

Ace Your Civils At Top IAS Institute in Delhi

Top IAS institute in Delhi can help civil aspirants make it to the final list. Every year, lakhs of people aspire to be IAS officers. A total of 1000 candidates are chosen for the final list. As a metropolis, a large number of students travel to Delhi to obtain coaching for the UPSC examination.

One of the primary causes for the rejection of the majority of candidates is a lack of proper coaching. Submit an application with The Civils Guru to learn more about joining one of top IAS institute in Delhi.

Continue reading to learn more about India’s leading IAS Coaching in Delhi.

Prepare for your civils with the top UPSC coaching in Delhi

    • Top UPSC Coaching in Delhi can help you prepare for your civil exams.IAS applicants must make a concerted effort to select the best IAS institute in Delhi.The main benefit of UPSC Coaching is that it acts as a mild push for students to improve their methods. Students are assisted in identifying their strengths and shortcomings by the institute.Then transforming those flaws into a great tool. But, why should one enrol in one of the top 10 UPSC coaching in Delhi?

      • Past year’s ratio of performance

       This is a key factor in choosing among Delhi’s best IAS institutes. Previous year’s results would help applicants comprehend how many of the institute’s students were top rankers. Candidates must examine the institute’s five-year track record before making a decision.

      • Qualified faculty

       The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Top IAS Institute in Delhi is the experienced teaching faculty. Not only do these faculties have an extra edge compared to other teachers, but are also able to understand the UPSC pattern better.

      • Well designed course plan

      The UPSC syllabus for the Civil service Exam needs a flawless course plan to crack. By studying with India’s Best IAS Coaching in Delhi, aspirants will follow the meticulous course plan. The course and content to be studied are designed by the faculty to prepare the most competent aspirants.

      • Ditch brand name

      All that glitters is not gold, and aspirants should avoid falling prey to big institute marketing. In order to crack this exam, IAS applicants need to know they require techniques and skilled tutors. One doesn’t have to pass examinations with a brand name.

      • Fee structure

      When it comes to IAS preparation, most applicants imagine a high fee structure. Institutes do demand a lot of money, but they can’t promise greater results.

      One of the most important criteria for students is the IAS Coaching Delhi Fees Structure. They must choose the best affordable institute, like the Civils Guru, who provides the most reasonable plans to our students.

      • Location

      Delhi being the hub for Top IAS institutes in the country attracts lakhs of students every year. Students from all over India wish to prepare for their civils in the metropolitan area for better facilities and ease of learning.

      Hence, aspirants must choose the institute which can be easily reached by Metro and bus.

      • Study material

      Every year, the UPSC modifies the syllabus, and the institute adjusts their study material correspondingly. Aspirants do not need to be concerned with the top IAS institute in Delhi. The expert faculty update their study material on a regular basis in accordance with the previous year’s exam pattern.

      IAS aspirants who wish to join The Civils Guru must be confident as they will be provided well-designed study materials, test series, and other materials when they join the institute.

      Check out The Civils Guru for more information on course design and a highly specialized staff of trainers. To make it onto the final list, study with India’s finest IAS coaching institute.

UPSC coaching in Delhi

7 Tips to Crack UPSC IAS Examination in First Attempt

UPSC coaching in Delhi

7 Tips to Crack UPSC IAS Examination in First Attempt

Over 10 lakh people apply for UPSC examinations every year. This makes IAS examinations one of the most competitive examinations held in India. Cracking this exam can be difficult, but it can be done with rigorous and dedicated study. As one of the best IAS and UPSC coaching classes in Delhi, here is the preparation pattern that we recommend to our students.

Guiding Steps To Crack The Examination

    • Complete the syllabus

    You should be able to complete the entire syllabus for the examination at least once before the date. No sub-topic, topic or chapter should be taken for granted. The UPSC examination has a very vast syllabus and studying everything can become tiring, however, it is recommended that you go through everything in detail at least once.

    • Make your notes

    Many of the top IAS institute in Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities offer notes to their students. But we recommend you also make your notes. These can be in a completely different book or the margins of the notes already provided. The reason for this is simple: each person has a different method of learning. Therefore, you can find answers to your queries faster if they’re written in your own words.

    • Attempt as many mock tests as possible

    The best IAS and UPSC coaching classes in Delhi provide access to unlimited practice papers and question banks. You can take advantage of these to either customize your question papers or attempt the same ones over and over again. Attempting mock tests ensures you understand the examination pattern and can manage your time accordingly.

    • Create a revision timetable

    Revisions are a must for all aspirants. If you’ve enrolled in one of the Top 10 UPSC coaching in Delhi, they may provide you with a revision timetable. But if they don’t, you should create one for yourself. You should leave enough time to attempt at least 5-7 mock tests before the final exams. This means you shouldn’t try to catch up with revision a day before the exam. Instead, try to complete your revisions at least a week before the exam date.

    • Don’t skip anything

    We’ve seen many students skip portions they find extremely easy to extremely difficult. And one month before the examination, they decide to attempt these topics. Unfortunately, this practice is unhealthy. It takes up valuable time that could be dedicated to revision and mock tests. Instead, you should opt to never skip chapters if possible.

    • Prepare for prelims

    Preliminary examinations or CSAT are a critical part of the preparation process. This examination should not be taken lightly. If you’re unable to prepare for a CSAT, you may end up finding the UPSC examinations difficult. At Civil Gurus, we recommend all our students to attempt past papers of at least 4-7 years. This helps them gain perspective and understand how the examinations are held.

    • Keep track of current affairs

    Unlike NEET, JEE and other All India examinations, civil examinations have a current affairs component. This is a compulsory section and can’t be skipped. The best IAS Academy in Delhi may provide you with the resources to keep track of current affairs, but this is a task that can’t be done at the last minute. Instead, you should dedicate time to reading newspapers and watching TV news every single day.

These are the seven preparation tips that The Civils Guru offers their students. However, cracking UPSC isn’t based on how many resources you have. Instead, it’s your dedication. With the right support, you can ace any examination.

A Guide to Choosing the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi

A Guide to Choosing the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi

Almost every educational institute claims to be the best among the rest, making it difficult for the aspirants to shortlist one for their IAS preparation. Not to mention, the IAS examination is no child’s play.

Along with the determination of the aspirant, it demands a reliable source of constant guidance to boost their potential. While the IAS aspirants put their heart and soul into the preparation, finding the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi becomes a task.

Factors to consider while shortlisting best IAS coaching centres in Delhi

  • Researching about the institute

Start with listing out the top 10 IAS coaching in Delhi. Then make sure you thoroughly research the Institutes’ past performance and the ratio of enrolled versus qualified students. The result the institution has produced should give you a better idea about the effectiveness of its approach.

Do not get carried away just because of the cheap rates unless you thoroughly check the history and background of the institute. With many options available in the market comes the great risk of investing in fraud ones.

  • Evaluating the programme

Your desired institute may offer various programs, but the responsibility of matching its type and structure with your own needs lies with you. Explore the services provided in terms of study material and individual attention to students to find a coaching center that suits you the best.

Not to mention, the coaching timings and rates should resonate with your schedule. You can also post institute-related questions on platforms like Quora, so there’s a high chance of them getting answered, given the rising numbers of IAS aspirants and coaching institutes.

Using such online platforms will make it easier for you to list out the top IAS coaching centers in Delhi in no time.

  • Seeking alumni feedback

There is nothing unavailable on social media. So, use the social media platforms to explore the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi from the perspective of already enrolled students. Seeking feedback from the aspirants coaching with your desired institutes would help you shortlist the ones that fulfill your requirements.

Knowing the Alumni’s experiences with the coaching institute can provide you great insights about their nature and quality of approach to guide you in making an informed decision. Of course, asking your friends and relatives about the listed institutes is an easy way to obtain relevant information.

  • Teaching pedagogy

Talking about the requirements of the aspirants, a crucial one is a match between student-teacher learning pedagogy. Top UPSC Coaching in Delhi provide stimulating environments in which two-way learning is emphasized, ensuring that the teachers’ methodology resonates with that of the aspirant.

The teacher-student ratio is another aspect that can give you an idea about the scope of effective teaching and one-on-one attention to the aspirants. You can also look at the expertise of teachers based on their training in the field to make the shortlisting clearer.

Often, aspirants assume old teachers to be experts in mentoring the students. While old teachers may have more years of experience, young teachers may be more updated with the current trends and dynamics crucial for your study area. Thus, age shall not be looked at as a barrier to effective teaching or learning.

Many students are considering choosing us, The Civils Guru. We are one of the best IAS coaching centers for aspirants based in Delhi to commence their IAS journey. We are known for a well-balanced approach consisting of systematic subject coverage and graspable learning techniques. The comprehensively integrated teaching methodologies mark our distinction from other IAS coaching institutes.

best IAS coaching centre in Delhi

The Benefits of UPSC Coaching in Delhi

best IAS coaching centre in Delhi

The Benefits Of UPSC Coaching In Delhi.

Considered to be one of the toughest exams, UPSC coaching in Delhi is required for a student to be able to get recruited after passing. Regardless of whether a person has received exceptional education or graduated from a top school, it doesn’t guarantee that the student will pass the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exams. This is often because the exams focus on a student’s proficiency in various subjects that are global, along with some general knowledge as well as skills in the selected learning streams.

How UPSC coaching in Delhi can help a person

Because of the huge portions that the UPSC exams have, extra help in the form of UPSC coaching is always a good idea. Some other ways a student can benefit from this are:

  • • Provides an outlook on the structure and pattern of the exam

An institute that offers top UPSC coaching in Delhi gives the students an idea of what the structure of the exam will be and what they should expect. The UPSC exam is divided into three structures. The first is the preliminary exam that has two multiple choice papers, serving as the initial screening process. The next is the main exam that has nine papers with essay-type questions. Those who pass this step move onto the interview round.

  • • UPSC coaching in Delhi ensures dedication and focus

 An IAS academy in Delhi allows its students to remain dedicated and focused as they prepare for their UPSC exams. Due to how overwhelming the preparation can be as well as the pressure of passing, most of those that intend to take the exams back out. However, with the support that UPSC coaching institutes provide, a student can focus. They are also able to broaden their perspective by interacting with others in the classroom.

  • • UPSC coaching provides competitive advantage

When attending the best UPSC coaching in Delhi, students can look forward to some friendly competition. This way, they are aware of the extent of their abilities and in which areas they need to improve. Students that prefer to study alone, without the help of these institutes, tend to fall into a false level of readiness. This is because they have no one to tell them right from wrong or on how they can do better.

  • • UPSC coaching develops tricks to cover portions faster

One of the advantages of attending UPSC coaching is that these institutes come up with a good way to cover the huge portions faster, leaving enough time for the students to master it. These tricks ensure that the entire portion is covered and the students still have room for improvements, where necessary, along with tests to be prepared. Some coaching academies teach the required material in their style, making it easier for the students to remember.

  • • UPSC coaching provides continuous guidance

When an individual self-studies, it becomes difficult for them to clear any doubts that they have in regards to a subject. In the end, most memorize it without understanding the portions. However, with the help of top IAS coaching centres in Delhi, it becomes easier.

These institutes provide an environment where students are able to learn from each other as well as through the continuous guidance that the faculties provide. Most of the time, students that have previously taken the exams are invited as guest lecturers to provide their insights on these exams.

Many students take the UPSC exams once passed; they can move onto the next stage of the requirement for a position in the central government. Considered to be one of the best IAS academy in Delhi, The Civils Guru is the ideal center for those looking for IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi. We present our students with a balanced approach, allowing them to be prepared within a short period. This helps encourage and motivate our students as they prepare.

IAS coaching in Delhi

What are the Benefits of Choosing the Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi?

IAS coaching in Delhi

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing The Best UPSC Coaching In Delhi?

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination is one of the toughest competitive exams in the country. Every year, thousands of students come to Delhi to enroll themselves in the top UPSC coaching in Delhi. While these candidates sit for an IAS examination, only 5 per cent make it through the next level of mains and interviews. Hence, it is extremely significant to select the right coaching centre to assist you thoroughly with their expertise and help you pass the exam with flying colors.

Benefits of choosing the Top UPSC Coaching in Delhi

While there is a multitude of UPSC coaching in Delhi, it is imperative to comprehend the importance of the right one. The best coaching can provide students with the maximum exposure required to clear these examinations with good marks.

Apart from this, a good institute can also provide unmatchable study material that can take their preparation to the next level. Mentioned below are a few more added benefits of choosing the best UPSC coaching in Delhi.

● Comprehensive and extensive study materials

Choosing the right UPSC coaching centres will provide you with the most comprehensive and extensive study material. This extensive study material will make your preparations for every subject better and further increase your odds of passing every UPSC exam level in one attempt. On the other hand, these explicit materials will ensure to hone your skills.

● Makes you more focused and organised

Preparation of the UPSC exam requires every aspirant to be highly focused and organised right from the preparation stage until the completion of exams. The top UPSC coaching in Delhi will always ensure that you are highly motivated to remain focused and organised, which is impossible when you self-study or enrol in any regular coaching centres.

● Expert guidance and study tips

Enrolling in a top UPSC coaching centre will help you acquire the best test series and provide you with expert guidance at every step. The skilled and expert mentors at these top institutes will always ensure that you do not hold any doubts in any subject. These mentors further ensure that they present you with some tips and tricks to master the UPSC exams and stand ahead of your competitors.

● Regular test and practice series

Regular practice is the only key to make it through the UPSC examinations. The candidates can only clear these examinations with utmost dedication, sincerity, and hard work. The best IAS Academy in Delhi always provides you with regular practice and test series to ensure that you are thorough with the paper pattern and skilled with solving maximum questions in the stipulated time. Choosing the best coaching institute for iasIAS in Delhi like The Civils Guru is the first step to preparing for the IAS exams. The Civils Guru is a prominent UPSC coaching institute in Delhi that provides IAS aspirants with comprehensive study material and expert guidance to ensure that your dream of becoming an IAS officer gets fulfilled, and that too at an inexpensive fee structure. Get ready to take the first step towards success!

Tips For UPSC Beginners

Tips For UPSC Beginners

Tips For UPSC Beginners

Tips For UPSC Beginners

Deciding to appear for the UPSC Civil Services exam might be easy; what follows afterwards is crucial. Finding the best civil service coaching in Delhi will guide you through your preparation steps and make things a little easy for you. As a beginner, your initial months are spent just to understand what this exam is about and figure the right path to reach your goal. This article provides you with some helpful tips to start your journey as an IAS aspirant.

Useful tips that help you start preparing for the civil service exam successfully:

UPSC civil services exam being the toughest exam in the country needs thorough preparation covering a wide range of topics and subjects. So, following are some useful tips for starting your preparation which will help you in clearing the IAS exam:

  • Read the syllabus carefully:

Students wander deep and far while studying for the UPSC civil services examination as they do not pay heed to the syllabus. UPSC needs students who know something about everything and not pros. Sticking to the syllabus and understanding exactly what they want will help you to limit your preparation to things that matter.

  • Practice being the planner:

As an IAS officer, planning must be your strong suit. Master that skill by designing a strategy to follow throughout your preparation period. This becomes easy once you understand the syllabus and structure of the civil services exam.

  • Zero down on sources:

There are many books for UPSC beginners and heaps of study materials for the civil services examination. So, finding the source that is most authentic, reliable, and comprehensive becomes a challenging task. The solution to this is to do a cursory reading of the books and materials suggested by others and then select the ones that suit you.

  • Take notes at last:

Don’t start making notes the moment you start a particular subject. Refer to at least 2-3 sources besides the NCERT books, mark the important points while you read and then compile them into notes. Allot maximum time for making notes as they are important and you will be only referring to them in the last few months before the civil services exam. 

  • Revise regularly:

After starting your preparation, you will understand that the simplest of the topics have lots of information. As you read more, you happen to forget the old. So, ensure that you revise the previous day’s notes and then start gathering new information on a topic.

  • Read the newspaper:

Subscribe to The Indian Express/Hindu as well as get the PIB app, the moment you decide to appear for the IAS exam. You can reserve different days for different subjects, following the newspaper must be your daily staple till the interview stage. Knowing what is happening around the world and staying updated with current affairs is crucial and helps shape your personality.

Thus, following these tips will help you to crack the UPSC civil services exam easily. If you find it hard to prepare by yourself, you can join us at The Civils Guru. We provide the top UPSC coaching in Delhi. Our experienced faculty will guide you through every step of your preparation process.

5 Habits That Guarantees IAS Success

5 Habits That Guarantees IAS Success

5 Habits That Guarantees IAS Success

5 Habits That Guarantees IAS Success

Are you an IAS aspirant and wondering how to succeed in cracking the exam? If yes, then finding the best civil service coaching in Delhi/NCR is your first step to success, because UPSC is one of the toughest examinations in India, and preparing for it on your own can be challenging. But still, an IAS aspirant needs to develop some habits that help them crack the competitive civil service examinations apart from taking coaching from a reputed institution.

In the year 2019, around 8 lakh candidates applied for the examination, out of which only 11845 qualified for the mains.

Five essential habits that help you succeed in cracking civil service examinations:

Most IAS aspirants wonder if there is any formula that ensures success in the civil service exams. There isn’t any secret ingredient at all, but there are some excellent habits that successful IAS aspirants have cultivated in themselves, which are:

  1. Managing time wisely:

Effective time management is the key to success in the civil service examinations. Learn how to manage and utilise your time productively. IAS preparation can last for months, and it becomes hard for you to track how much ground you are covering and what is yet to be covered. So, start with a plan for subject coverage and plan a daily routine and make it a point to follow it. Going to a civil service coaching centre will help you stay ahead of the game. 

  • Employing selective reading:

Learn to prioritise and be selective about the study materials and the topics you spend your time on. Select a finite amount of study material for each subject. Other materials are bound to be repetitions of the content you already studied. But ensure to be thorough with all of it with multiple revisions.

  • Making notes:

Ensure that you take copious notes during your study sessions. Highlight important concepts and points in the text and reproduce them in your words. Often it helps you to understand the concepts easily and revise them quickly if you write the notes in your vernacular language.

  • Practice, practice and practice:

One of the best ways to prepare for IAS exams is to take as many mock tests as possible. It helps you shape your thinking process, analyse the facts quickly and arrive at inferences and conclusions. It will help you to perform well on the exam day. It allows you to work on your time management issues as well. Civil service coaching centres offer mock tests of higher standards, including the questions from previous year papers.

  • Reading regularly:

Reading habit plays a vital role to achieve success in the civil service examinations. Books, newspapers, magazines, or journals – devour them all daily. Keep yourself informed on current affairs from around the world in every field. This reading should be done in addition to your regular study program of textbooks and other study materials. Work on developing these five habits diligently, and you will reach your IAS goals in no time. If you find it hard to prepare by yourself, you can always join us at ,The Civils Guru. We provide the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Our experienced faculty will guide you through every step of your preparation process.

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