Detailed Application Form UPSC - DAF for UPSC Mains

Students who have passed the preliminary exam for the IAS are required to fill in a detailed application form (DAF) for attending the mains exam. The candidates who passed the preliminary exam are shortlisted. Filling the detailed application form (DAF) should be done with much caution because a minute of carelessness might cost you big. Any mistake while filing the DAF might have serious repercussions for your Mains application. That is why The Civils Guru offers filing services for DAF for UPSC Mains for the students who have qualified for the prelims exams. Availing of our DAF filing services will help you make sure that that application is filed error-free.

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Why you should file DAF?

The candidates who have qualified for the prelims test are required to reapply for the mains exam by filing the DAF. The DAF should be filled and submitted online to indicate the preference of services for the candidate. The DAF should be filed online through the official UPSC website –

Important Fields to Fill on DAF For UPSC Mains 2021

The DAF for UPSC Mains application consists of six sections which include the following:

Personal Information

Educational Information

Parental Information

Employment Information

Upload documents

Final Submission

Each section of the DAF for UPSC Mains should be filled accurately. You can avail yourself of the DAF filing services provided by The Civils Guru. DAF is a very crucial document that should be filled with much care and precision. Extra care should be taken while completing the DAF for UPSC Mains.

Candidates belonging to the reservation categories should upload and enclose a copy of their certificates to avail the eligible reservation. You should provide an active email address while submitting DAF for UPSC Mains. This email address will be used for future communication regarding the UPSC Mains exam.

While providing your choice for the preferred civil service category, proper care should be undertaken. The choice once made cannot be reverted. It is with great caution the DAF for UPSC mains be filled. This is why we offer the best DAF filing services for candidates. You are required to fill in your educational and employment details before submission of the application form. The choice for service and Cadre are two of the most crucial parts where extra care should be exercised while filling the DAF for UPSC Mains. The service preferences and cadre preferences while filled cannot be changed after submission. Students often find themselves confused while filling in those areas. You must make service and cadre choices according to your self-interests. Aspirants appearing for the Mains exam can avail of our DAF filing services so that you can rest tension-free.

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