Best Anthropology Optionals Classes In Delhi

Anthropology is the study of the human race, its physical development, culture and society. It is one of the most important and famous subject choices for  UPSC exams. This subject is usually studied by people who are engaged in teaching social work and subjects like sociology. To equip the candidates with the best knowledge and understanding of the subject we conduct interactive classes and doubt sessions to clear any doubt or query. With the best Anthropology optionals in Delhi teaching you, you get an excellent learning experience and a chance to score high in the exams.

best Anthropology optionals classes in Delhi

Course overview

What makes anthropology a popular choice among the aspirants is that it covers various subjects from varied fields like biology, history and political science as it includes topics like physical evolution of humans, culture and civilization in Indian society. The main aim behind teaching anthropology to UPSC aspirants is to make sure that they have proper knowledge of Indian society, its culture and its evolution. Students study this subject like science and later apply the learnings to real life. 

The entire syllabus of the subject is divided into two parts for which two exams are conducted in UPSC Mains. The papers are 250 marks each.  The first paper focuses on the basics of anthropology and the second one on Indian society and culture.

The syllabus includes:

For paper I:

  • Meaning, scope and development of Anthropology 
  • Relationship between anthropology and other similar disciplines
  • Main branches of Anthropology
  • Human evolution
  • Indian culture and society
  • Economic, social and political organisation in India
  • Theories of anthropology 

For paper II:

  • Evolution of Indian civilization and culture
  • The geographical, social and political profile of India
  • Castes and tubes in India
  • Impact of religions on castes and tribes
  • Role of anthropology about cases and tribes
  • Contribution of the anthology in understanding regionalism, communalism, ethnic and political movements in the country 

To have more understanding of exam paper pattern marks allocation and types of questions asked in the paper you can go through papers of previous years. 

Anthropology is an entire theory subject that covers a vast variety of topics having its roots in different streams. Before studying it is advised to go through the syllabus and understand what each topic is about.  Another thing that can help in studying the subject is a proper strategy and the right guidance.

We, at The Civils Guru, are dedicated to teaching aspirants in the best possible way. To achieve this we conduct 300 plus interactive online classes. Regular doubt clearing sessions and tests both subjective and objective are conducted to make sure that students are learning properly to crack one of the toughest and sought after exams in the nation. 


  • The teaching staff at our institution is highly experienced and qualified.
  • Classes are conducted online which means there are no geographical restrictions on who can be a part of the classes. Students can interact with teachers through chat.
  • Weekly doubt clearing sessions are conducted to clear any doubts that students might have.
  • Online classes are recorded so that students can revisit the classes anytime.
  • Our teachers conduct 300+ hours of online classes.
  • We provide comprehensive study material to our students that cover the entire syllabus thoroughly.
  • Regular tests are conducted to check the students’ progress. These tests are objective and subjective.

Why choose us?

Anthropology is an important subject from the exam point of view as it is very scoring. That’s why it is necessary to focus on it and study it thoroughly. The Civils Guru is one of the most reputed institutions that teaches the best anthropology optional in Delhi.

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