Best UPSC IAS Prelims And Mains Test Series in Delhi

Are you ready to crack the UPSC Exams 2022? How well have you prepared? With competition building every year, can you handle pressure well? All these answers lie in how you perform in your prelims and mains mock tests! 

The Civils Guru conducts best UPSC IAS prelims and mains test series in Delhi to check your knowledge and work on your weaknesses. Our teaching fraternity is here to help you navigate tough topics and find solutions for all your doubts. This premium Test Series will cover the entire syllabus and follow the same pattern and questioning methods as the actual examination to keep you on your toes and check your conceptual understanding.

An Overview of Best Prelims and Mains Test Series in Delhi

As an aspirant, one must be ready to face tough, challenging questions. Therefore, thorough preparation is necessary. At The Civils Guru, we are dedicated to providing you with the best knowledge through well-structured courses and doubts clarification sessions by trained IAS teaching fraternities. Weekly tests- both in objective and subjective patterns- shall be conducted to test your understanding. And finally, you will be ready to give our prelims and mains test series- which is the ultimate step to your success in the written examination! 

We will help you keep a check on your progress and take the necessary steps to overcome your weaknesses. Our mentors are here to guide you throughout this process. Enroll yourself on the prelims and mains test series and pass your written ability tests with flying colours!

UPSC Civils Prelims Exam Pattern

We strictly adhere to the exam pattern for testing your knowledge through our prelims and mains test series.

The UPSC civil service prelims examination is divided into 2 parts- GS-1 and CSAT (Also called GS-2). Each paper contains objective type questions, whose answers are to be marked on OMR Sheets. The papers are for a total of 200 marks each.

General Studies Paper 1 – Syllabus

The following subjects are tested in your GS Paper 1:

  • Current Affairs
  • Indian history
  • Indian National Movement
  • Indian Polity and Governance
  • Geography
  • General issues on the environment, ecology etc
  • General Science, Science and Technology

General Studies Paper 2 (CSAT) – Syllabus

This paper focuses primarily on your English and comprehension interpretation abilities. The subjects covered are:

  • Comprehension and interpretation
  • Communication
  • Decision-making ability
  • Basic numbers and number systems
  • Testing mental ability

You can take our Prelims Test Paper wise on our website! Get yourself registered to start your preparation!

UPSC Civils Mains Exam Pattern

The Civils Guru also covers all subjects of the Mains examination under our best prelims and mains test series in Delhi. We strictly adhere to the exam pattern.

After you have cleared UPSC prelims, you are eligible to appear for the Mains examination. These exams are divided into two parts- Group A and B. 

Mains Examination – Syllabus

  • Part A: It is a compulsory paper, wherein the candidate has to choose one Indian Language. It focuses on comprehension, vocabulary, short essays etc. This paper is for 300 marks.
  • Part B: It is further divided into English Language, General Studies and Optional Language. Part B consists of a total of 8 subjects, which include:
  • English for 300 marks
  • Paper1- Essay for 250 marks
  • Paper2 to Paper 5-  General Studies for 250 marks each
  • Paper 6 to Paper 8- optional subjects for 250 marks

Why choose The Civils Guru for best UPAS IAS Prelims and Mains Test Series in Delhi?

  • Our test Series gives comprehensive coverage of all the subjects.
  • Important topics are covered and revised for the tests.
  • Solution sets are provided after each exam session.
  • Weekly Mock Tests are conducted following the exam pattern.
  • Our leading teaching fraternity shall also conduct a doubt clarifying session for the students.
  • Our test series makes sure that the student is prepared at all levels of difficulty.

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