Tips For UPSC Beginners

Tips For UPSC Beginners

Deciding to appear for the UPSC Civil Services exam might be easy; what follows afterwards is crucial. Finding the best civil service coaching in Delhi will guide you through your preparation steps and make things a little easy for you. As a beginner, your initial months are spent just to understand what this exam is about and figure the right path to reach your goal. This article provides you with some helpful tips to start your journey as an IAS aspirant.

Useful tips that help you start preparing for the civil service exam successfully:

UPSC civil services exam being the toughest exam in the country needs thorough preparation covering a wide range of topics and subjects. So, following are some useful tips for starting your preparation which will help you in clearing the IAS exam:

  • Read the syllabus carefully:

Students wander deep and far while studying for the UPSC civil services examination as they do not pay heed to the syllabus. UPSC needs students who know something about everything and not pros. Sticking to the syllabus and understanding exactly what they want will help you to limit your preparation to things that matter.

  • Practice being the planner:

As an IAS officer, planning must be your strong suit. Master that skill by designing a strategy to follow throughout your preparation period. This becomes easy once you understand the syllabus and structure of the civil services exam.

  • Zero down on sources:

There are many books for UPSC beginners and heaps of study materials for the civil services examination. So, finding the source that is most authentic, reliable, and comprehensive becomes a challenging task. The solution to this is to do a cursory reading of the books and materials suggested by others and then select the ones that suit you.

  • Take notes at last:

Don’t start making notes the moment you start a particular subject. Refer to at least 2-3 sources besides the NCERT books, mark the important points while you read and then compile them into notes. Allot maximum time for making notes as they are important and you will be only referring to them in the last few months before the civil services exam. 

  • Revise regularly:

After starting your preparation, you will understand that the simplest of the topics have lots of information. As you read more, you happen to forget the old. So, ensure that you revise the previous day’s notes and then start gathering new information on a topic.

  • Read the newspaper:

Subscribe to The Indian Express/Hindu as well as get the PIB app, the moment you decide to appear for the IAS exam. You can reserve different days for different subjects, following the newspaper must be your daily staple till the interview stage. Knowing what is happening around the world and staying updated with current affairs is crucial and helps shape your personality.

Thus, following these tips will help you to crack the UPSC civil services exam easily. If you find it hard to prepare by yourself, you can join us at The Civils Guru. We provide the top UPSC coaching in Delhi. Our experienced faculty will guide you through every step of your preparation process.

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