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Best Geography Optional Coaching in Delhi

Although Geography is an optional subject, it has become one of the most popular choices for aspirants today. To enable you to learn better, our course offers a complete overview and in depth knowledge of the subject. We have interactive classes with weekly tests and doubt-solving sessions. We also cover atlas, current affairs, etc., comprehensively at best geography optional coaching in Delhi.


Course Overview for Best Geography Optional Coaching in Delhi

Geography is an interesting subject and unavoidable too since it is a vital part of General Studies Paper I and the IAS Prelims examination. It is included in the General Studies paper in Prelims as well as GS Paper 1 in UPSC CS (Main) examination. It is especially popular with candidates with a science or engineering background because of the nature of the subject itself. It is a science and this makes it attractive for such candidates. It is also popular because of the overlap with the syllabus for UPSC.

In the UPSC syllabus, Geography establishes the relevance of the existence of humans, the elements that are conducive for life, and the elements that are not conducive to human life. Hence, studying these elements would make you better positioned to safeguard the elements that are necessary for life. Geography has ‘overlapping’ topics which covers Environment, Economics (Human geography- Demography) and Current Events. One should always have an ATLAS while studying geography. It gives you more insights, makes your reading more meaningful and enjoyable.

Extremely popular among science and engineering students, Geography overlaps with the syllabus for UPSC Mains. The scientific nature of the subject has made it very lucrative for aspirants. It also helps in the interview rounds as, more often than not, interviewers tend to ask geography related questions.
Our course will aim to cover the vast syllabus with regular quizzes and practice tests. This multidisciplinary subject will be completed with interactive sessions, doubt solving, atlas maps, current affairs, diagrams, moving from basic modules to advanced, note-making, etc. This course will aid you understand this unconventional subject ultimately crack your Mains.

  • The course will be carried out by Rohit Wazir Sir(provide link to his previous years optionals question discussion videos at youtube)
  • Live Online Interactive Classes(Students can ask doubts through chat)
  • Weekly doubt clearance with faculties(zoom or google meet)
  • Recordings will be provided in case a class is missed, which can be played any number of times for a period of 1 year.
  • 300 plus hours of live teaching
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Weekly Test( Objective and Subjective)

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